Etherias Natsu Dragneel vs Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai vs Ikki de Fénix

Etherias Natsu Dragneel vs Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai vs Ikki de Fénix



Etherias Natsu Dragneel


Etherias Natsu Dragneel (E.N.D.) currently holds the World Ranking for being the strongest fire character in Japanese manga, but why? In a few moments we will tell you the opinions of professionals in the area and, also, what the versus would be like.

First of all, Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai is capable of destroying a galaxy if he sets his mind to it, since he has numerous skills apart from manipulating fire, and with his vast experience (with 2000 years of existence) he knows karate, Kidō, Shunpō . He is apart of being the second strongest character in Bleach, surpassed by Juha Bach and Ichibe Hyosube. In his youth he showed skills and a lot of strength and will, in fact it was he who created and founded the shinigami academy 2100 years before.

If Yamamoto faced Natsu, he would not hurt him, since Natsu is not affected by fire, so he would have to resort to other techniques, such as Kidō, Shunpō, etc., in addition to the fact that he knows combat. body to body. It would be quite difficult for Natsu to defeat Yamamoto in hand-to-hand combat with his sword or with other techniques. Likewise, Ikki, if Ikki confronts Natsu, he would not be harmed by the fire either, so both Yamamoto and he would have to resort to his physical forces and other techniques.

Ikki can also destroy galaxies and worlds, since we are talking about an aggressive warrior who is rarely or almost never seen showing mercy to an opponent. His armor, the strength of the cosmos, experience, years of life and combat make him an almost invincible warrior. Suppose they would fight one by one, since the three of them fighting at the same time would be something catastrophic for humanity or the existential plane in which they find themselves.

Ikki has the power of solar stars, such as breaking down matter. Also, Yamamoto has the power of his Bankai which is undoubtedly one of the strongest compared to Urahara’s and Juha’s. So why, if Ikki and Yamamoto are able to defeat galaxies, can’t they defeat Natsu with other techniques?

The answer is simpler than many think, although many also suggested that we should have put Ace or Sabo in this versus, because when Natsu swallowed them they would materialize and make Natsu’s stomach explode, but that is too far from reality. The Mera Mera no mi fruit makes the bearer turn into fire, creates it and controls it at will, why then when the magma materializes can it melt it and why would it not affect Natsu if Natsu swallowed it? For the simple reason that Natsu is a demon, not a human; Also, the DNA that Natsu is composed of is demonic and inside it was a dragon (Igneel), so if Ace or Sabo were swallowed they would immediately die, since Natsu’s interior melts everything and the fire makes him more invincible. Consequently, the fruit Mera Mera no mi would be born in another place; plus Natsu has electrical power and can pulverize and make carbon particles change. This is why neither Ace nor Sabo can make Natsu’s belly burst.

Natsu is a Demon capable of murdering Immortals and Gods, but this one contains all of his power, since he may be able to destroy galaxies. Natsu defeated Ikusatsunagi, one of the 18 Gods of War, with one punch; Likewise, he melted the stadium of the “Great Magic Games”; He defeated Aldoron, one of the 5 Dragon Gods (also with a single fist). He also defeated Acnologia, and is able to defeat Zeref (his brother), an immortal being who resurrected him in order to give him an ultimatum. Natsu eats fire, both magical and from other sources, so he also eats other substances.

If Ikki and Yamamoto fight against Natsu, he would without hesitation activate the Dragon Force, eat his fire and as a last resort unleash E.N.D. and there things would be ugly for Yamamoto and Ikki, since if E.N.D. wake up, Natsu would automatically win the battle. Let’s remember that Natsu battles in a serious natural way without using his demonic powers, but if he uses them or lets himself go, he is unstoppable (unless he comes to his senses).

That is why Japanese professionals and the press confirmed that Etherias Natsu Dragneel is currently the best and number one strongest fire character in all Japanese manga in history.

Who would win from Ignia and Natsu? We’ll see.

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