Do you know what Nervous Impulse is?

Do you know what Nervous Impulse is?


The NERVOUS IMPULSE, as its name indicates, is nothing more than the discharge of a nerve cell.


When the Neuron is at rest, the membrane that covers the cell forms a great barrier between the fluids inside and outside of them.

A Neuron in a resting state is in a polarized state (there are more negative ions inside the Neuron than outside it).

When the cell membrane opens a little, the channels open, allowing an entry of positively charged sodium ions (this is called depolarization).

  • The electrical charge (or Nerve Impulse) travels down the same axon, similar to how a fuse burns.
  • One of the best-known speeds at which neurons transport nerve impulses is 112 meters per second in myelinated axons; or, on the contrary, very slow, at 90 centimeters per second in those without myelin sheath.
  • The famous Graded Potential is a change in electrical charge in a small area of the neuron.
  • The Law of All or Nothing says that neurons discharge impulses or not, and that each electrical discharge produces an impulse of the same strength.
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